Residual Self-Image Exhibited by Psych Cat
April 30, 2022
Darby, Matt Kamm, Ramo, Scott White and Sapphire Servellon of Psych Cat

This showcase is composed of four artists who broaden the audience’s internal dictionary. Are we our thoughts? Are we only the projections of characteristics that others see? Does a portrait accurately describe whom we believe we are? These artists answer the subliminal questions about the sense of self. Ranging from abstraction to surrealism, from previously hand-crafted to digitally constructed, the selected artists' works each bring a unique stylistic approach to uncovering the universal truths that lie within us all. The use of color and symbolism creates a narrative that interacts between reality and one’s internal dialogue. Within each painting, the use of intricate lines, simple compositions, and landscapes provide a sense of familiarity, while the content creates introspection. Bringing the concept of identity against outside perceptions, this exhibit displays a true depiction of what it looks like to see our residual self-image.

-Psych Cat

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