5 Photographers Who Inspired Us Today

Photography is a powerful source of inspiration, and it's one that we turn to often here at BLNK.

Photography is a powerful source of inspiration, and it's one that we turn to often here at BLNK. We're always on the lookout for beautiful imagery, and we loooove when our photographers share their work with us. (If you're reading this and are a photographer, don't be shy—we'd love to see what you've been up to!)

Here are our top 5 Photographers Who Inspired Us Today:

Jada and David (@jadaanddavid)

We love this husband and wife photography duo, Jada and David. They are mixed media artists who explore the connection between painting, sculpture, motion, and photography. They take their time building these wild sets out of plywood to create these mind-bending compositions and when they are done with the set they break it down and reuse the wood for the next one! When the wood is no longer usable for sets they turn their scraps into frames. The result is a very unique style of photography that is always captivating to watch!

Joelle and Logan (@loellephoto)

Loelle Photo is a creative collaboration between Joelle Cardinale and Logan Elder. They met on a photo shoot in Nashville and have been together since. The two take inspiration from classic art, pop culture, and color. Joelle and Logan are visual artists who use photography as a medium. Joelle is known for walking the line between witty NSFW art and commercial photography, which makes her an exciting photographer to follow. We love the way she uses light in her work. The way she plays with vibrant color is also very appealing. We have known Joelle personally for about 5 years and have been amazed at how her work has evolved over the time we've known her.

Patrick Chin (@iampatrickchin)

Patrick Chin is a photographer who claims he never intended to be a photographer. He’s been working as a freelance commercial photographer specializing in lifestyle, travel, interiors, and food photography for over ten years. His work is a combination of on-location with traditional studio lights being thrown into the mix. Patrick Chin has this unique ability to make any scene feel like a golden hour. His images mentally take you somewhere peaceful and serene.

Devin Christopher (@dvnchrstphr)

Devin Christopher is an editorial and commercial photographer based out of Miami, FL. His work has mainly focused on the modern-day male experience, communicating self-discovery, reflection, relationships, and understanding one's purpose. He has worked with brands from Billboard, to Hypebeast to Apple and almost everything in between. Devin also is the owner of Proper Studio, a rental studio in Miami!

Marcello (Bello) Peschiera (@mpeschiera3)

Marcello is a cinematographer and film photographer in Miami, FL. He started Bellows Film Lab, a premiere developing lab in Miami, and has recently expanded to a second location in Chicago. His film photography always has this clean polished look to it. Marcello has directed music videos for numerous artists including John K, Dababy, and Bad Bunny to name a few.

These photographers and constantly producing work that is jaw-dropping and inspiring. We've seen them push the limits of what art can and should be, inspiring us to do the same. Their work makes us want to create more and better art than we could have ever imagined before discovering it.

We're excited to see more from these artists in the future! They have a unique vision and are all so talented at what they do. Their photos are a true representation of their personalities, and they deserve to be recognized for their hard work.

If you haven’t already check them out on Instagram, or better yet follow them!

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