Studio Memberships

Create More with BLNK Studios Membership! For just $250 a month, you'll have access to BLNK Studios and all the fantastic perks that come with it!


What's Included

How much does a BLNK Studios Membership cost?

A BLNK Studios Membership is $250 per month, with 4 Hours (240 minutes) of studio time with "All Of The Lights" Included

Who is the BLNK membership for?

With BLNK membership, photographers are empowered to shoot in a studio without the responsibility of owning one. This option allows them limitless access to a professional studio, with 4 hours included a month, and heavily discounted additional studio time. If you shoot in a studio more than once a month, this option can help you take your photography career to the next level.

How do I become a BLNK Studios member?

To become a member, simply sign up for the BLNK Studios Membership program and start enjoying the perks and benefits right away! Once you sign up you will be emailed a randomly generated code. This code can be used immediately using the quick link provided, or redeem at any time during the month! Once you redeem the code those minutes will automatically be deducted from your account balance.

Can I book additional time?

Yes, when you have not used all 4 hours of your monthly studio time you can extend your session to the same day if the studio is available. Additionally, BLNK Members can book additional studio time at a discounted rate of 25% off the regular hourly rates.

Are there any discounts for equipment rentals?

Yes, members receive a 25% discount on all out-of-studio Camera Gear Rentals.

How flexible is the booking process for studio time?

Studio Members enjoy flexible booking options, including the ability to book same-day timeslots for last-minute shoots.

What happened if i don't use all my monthly studio time?

Unused hours automatically roll over to next month's studio time! Your account must be valid and paid for in order for the time to roll over. If your membership is cancelled you forfeit all remaining time.

Is lighting equipment included in the membership?

Yes, members have access to lighting equipment, including Godox Strobes and various light modifiers, to enhance their photography and creative projects. When you book your session on the website do not select "All-Of-The-Lights" - the booking system will try to charge you for the lights. No worries, we will have your account marked as Lights Included! 

Are there any additional charges for changing the wall seamless color?

No, Studio Members can switch out wall-mounted paper for free, without any additional charges. Normally $15 when choosing an out of season seamless paper.  

What does the membership include?

The membership includes 4 hours of studio time per month, with the option to extend sessions at a discounted rate. Members also have access to lighting equipment, discounted equipment rentals, flexible booking options, and free wall seamless color changes.


Additional questions about Studio Memberships?

We're here to help! Feel free to shoot us an email at or give us a call at (386) 320-6022