Spotlight on The Art of Halloween 2019 Artist, Becky Van Mersbergen (@eclecticcogitation)!

My name's Becky. I'm 24 years old. I'm currently working in the restaurant industry. But in my free time, I'm a mixed media. Illustrator and painter. I love painting on canvas and random things like skateboards, pins, purses, rocks, and apparel. I love to share my art with the world and spread my vision!

Were you self taught or did you go to school at all?

I’m self-taught and I’ve been painting and drawing since I was little. I remember when I was in my kindergarten I used to draw Mr. Potato Head type people. Then in middle school I started to draw in anime style. In the past few years, I just progressed into this semi realism/psychedelic style I have now. I’m mostly self taught, but in college I did take Drawing and Painting classes which really helped me learn about perception and realism.

What's your process like when you're creating the piece?

On my social media and art pages I have “Eclectic Cogitation” all over. Eclectic means ideas stemming from a whole bunch of different subjects, and cogitation is the act of deeply thinking. I always have so many different ideas in my head, and I need to bring them to life ASAP. Once I start painting I can’t stop, and need to finish my creation as soon as I can. Once that one is done I can go on to the next project. I have this figure I always paint. This bald headed alien woman. She’s always in some mystical setting in an imaginary world. I guess you could say she is my alter ego in another dimension.

What was your work about?

My work is about the human body (especially the feminine figure), colors, nature, emotions, and psychedelic subjects. I’m inspired by this planet and universe we live in. This world of ours has so many various subjects and ideas.. there’s inspiration around every corner. The inhabitants of this planet inspire me as well, especially the female. Woman come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and with my art I like to emphasize the variety and uniqueness of them all.

What or who inspires you?

Like above, all women are my biggest muse. We are such complex beings and we encompass so many different emotions and feelings everyday. Along with their emotions, I’m inspired by everything that women face in our modern society.

What do you want people to know or feel when they look at your work?

I use so many different colors and hues in my work. I love rainbows and they make me happy. I want other to feel happy and Inspired. However, Art is how you interpret it. Symbolism and emotion is used quite frequently in my work as well. I want the viewers to interpret my work the way they choose, and everyone views things differently.

Where can we find your work?

My website is

I also have a Facebook page,

and I have my Instagram @eclecticcogitation

Is there anything else you'd like to add? About you or your work?

My art in my hometown can be considered either weird, unconventional, and maybe even inappropriate. My goal in life isn’t to please the general public with my art. My goal in life is to please myself and other like minded individuals with my eccentric and eclectic visuals. My ultimate goal in life is to spread my vision throughout the world. I want my art to inspire others to look into themselves, and to see that this world isn’t all about everything we can see with the eye. There’s so much deeper meanings to this life, and only we can discover the true meaning of ourselves. I want to spread my psychedelic reality.

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