Hurricane Ian

When the storm hit, The studio took in about 17 inches of standing water

It's been a difficult couple of months for us here at BLNK Studios. As many of you know, we were hit hard by extreme flooding caused by Hurricane Ian in 2022.

When the storm hit, The studio took in about 17 inches of standing water; with that went most of our furniture and props, as well as all of our backdrop paper. Our lights and attachments were all high and dry except for one poor video light—may he rest in peace. It was clear that the recovery process would be a long and difficult one.

Despite the challenges, we refused to let the disaster defeat us. We immediately began the process of repairing and rebuilding our studio, determined to be back in business as soon as possible.

Through the support of the community and hard work of our team, we were able to reopen our doors three months later. We also used this opportunity to upgrade our equipment and facilities for our clients.

The resilience and determination of our team serves as a shining example of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Despite the devastating loss and damage caused by Hurricane Ian, we were able to come back stronger than ever before. Our story is a testament to the power of community support and the determination to rebuild and come back stronger.

We are truly grateful for the support we received from our community during this difficult time. And we look forward to continuing to serve our community by providing a space to unleash your endless creativity.

With all that being said, we are now re-oopen for bookings! See you at the new BLNK Studios 2023.

the Studio during restoration
Drying off the furniture that survived

The Water line on our make-up counter

All of our custom benches and seamless being thrown away

All of our seamless that didn't make it

a brand new roll of seamless, still in plastic, swelled and burst
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